by Dr. Harry

Be Iconic

Today there are too many reasons that we find to diminish ourselves, to not shine, and to not be the healthiest, happiest version of ourselves. We let others determine our worth and how we feel about ourselves. We then act according to their idea of us and not who we truly are. These others can be voices that you have carried from your childhood telling you that you are not enough—not thin enough, smart enough, and so on—or they may be voices or circumstances today constantly pointing out areas that they feel are lacking. So you withdraw, bury your music, hide your light, and give away your power. You forfeit your right to be your best self, and it shows up in the extra weight you carry, the sleepless nights, the chronic illness, and your lack of joy and health. I write this book because I want to give you the power to take your life back and say, “I am more than you can ever imagine because what you call flaws are well-placed facets that when polished will blind you with their brilliance. I am #PerfectlyFlawed.”


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A practical guide to slowing down aging process from the inside out


Anxiety 101: 
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